The Unspeakable: Representations of Trauma in Francophone Literature and Art

Edited by Névine El Nossery and Amy L. Hubbell – CHAPTER SIXTEEN – UNSPOKEN ALGERIA: TRANSMITTING TRAUMATIC MEMORIES OF THE ALGERIAN WAR. About 4 artists Nicole Guiraud, Zineb Sedira, Charly Cassan, Jean-Pierre Lledo, by AMY L.HUBBELL (Pages 318 – 321). This book first published 2013: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Opinion of New York’s spectator

Bruce says: “Every country has its horror stories. Algeria has more than its share. Most recently, civil war tore Algeria asunder from 1990-1998. In his film ALGERIA, UNSPOKEN STORIES Jean Pierre Lledo focuses on an earlier period. In July 1962 Algeria gained independence after 132 years of French colonization. Thus began an extraordinary exodus, over one […]

TIME OUT – New York. Peter Chiu

This film is actually the third chapter in a documentary series by director Jean-Pierre Lledo recounting memories of Algeria’s war of independence. Despite my marginal knowledge of Algerian history, I found the stories of these real-life characters to be both fascinating and agonizing. Lledo, who was present at the screening, explained that his goal with […]

Telling the Untold Tales

David B. Green 16.07.2008  As we wrapped up our interview, on the lawn behind the Jerusalem Cinematheque, I gave Jean-Pierre Lledo my business card, and he in turn wrote down his address in my notebook: His home is on the “Place du 19 Mars 1962,” in Montreuil, on the northern coast of France, near Calais. […]