« An Algerian Dream » (commentary 24th Cambridge Festival)

This powerful documentary tells the story of a man who returns to his country for the first time since 1965. Henri Alleg, one of the heroes of the Algerian War of Independence and world-famous author of thr best-selling book “La Question” (1958) accompanies film-maker Jean-Pierre Lledo on a voyage to Algeria, where he re-encounters old […]

Festivals Algeria, Unspoken Stories

Toronto. Amiens. Fribourg. Montréal. Tribeca–New York. Tétouan. Beyrouth. Tarifa. Jérusalem. Cambridge. Vancouver. Frankfurt. Stockholm… Toronto Film Festival, September 2007 Film Description and Director Biography The stories are unspoken because to speak them is to risk censorship, banning or worse. In Algeria, recent history remains explosive. Simply to recall what happened during the country’s violent independence […]