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Support the movie « Israel, the Forbidden journey», a film in four parts, total run time 11 hours.

Dear friends,

The desire to make this spirituality and this story known does not prevent the film from remaining a personal work filled with emotion and humor … And a French distributor, NOUR FILMS, has already chosen this film to release it in several hundred rooms. In Israel, the film’s release will follow that of France.

It is also our hope that our movie will be selected by several festivals of the world. Apart from that, we are open to any invitation to present our film anywhere, including  at university venues.

That said, private viewings of the film have already taken place in Israel and Paris over the past 3 years and the public  evaluations have always been flattering .

That is the good news to date.

As for the bad news, we were only able to finance 7/8ths  of the film: we are still lacking funding for the film’s fourth part, in the amount of $60,000.

The Tel Aviv studios (Image / Sound / Subtitles for the 3 versions, Hebrew, English, French) agreed to do the job because they liked the film and thought it best to release the film as quickly  as possible, but asked us to respect our financial commitments by but asked us to respect our financial commitments by no later than March 2020.

The people involved in the making  of the movie, which began in 2012, submit  that the refusal of the French film industry to support  this film (unlike Jean-Pierre LLedo’ earlier movies, all on the subject of Algeria) was detrimental to its financing. Thanks to the support of a variety of sponsors as well as Israeli foundations, thanks we  renounced our salaries and author’s fees (like producers, director and editor) in the hope that the financial shortfall could be reduced. In the end, we were able to complete the film, in all four parts.

Our attempts to attract new sponsors having been unsuccessful for several months, a friend delighted by the first part of the film, shown at a private viewing on July 7th in Jerusalem, made the following suggestion: “Make an offer to 1,000 people to support you with $60 each, and you will be able to honor your commitments to your studios”

So, this is what we propose :
$60, or 50 Euros, or 200 shekels.

Of course, we leave it to you to decide freely how much you can afford, above or below these proposed amounts. All persons making contributions before the month of September will see their names appear in the 4th part of the movie’s titles.

To all of you who are able to contribute as well as those who cannot, we ask that you make this widely known by forwarding this email to all your friends :
the success of this campaign depends on all of us.


Yours, truly,

Ziva Postec (producer and editor) and Jean-Pierre LLedo (producer, director) 

You may make your contribution via wire transfer to :  

ZIVA POSTEC FILMS (Israel) or Naouel Films (France)

Please, notify us of your support by email :    and





Name of the bank : Israel DISCOUNT Bank Ltd, 

Yehouda Halevy 38, Tel Aviv. Israel Bank 

Bank’s number : 11
Name of the branch : Tel Aviv City
Branch Number : 014
Account : 112872 206
IBAN : IL66 0110 1400 0011 2872 206


Banque Populaire Méditerranée
Bank code: 14607
Code Box: 00312
Account: 69921244957
Key RIB : 80
IBAN :  FR76 1460 7003 1269 92124495 780




To go to the account Paypal of the  film, 2 possibilities : or, more faster :   PayPal.Me/ZIVAPOSTEC