Face the same violence, two behaviors…

The possibility that the Arab youth in Jerusalem 16 years was killed by the Jews was, for the Jewish people, Israel and outside of Israel, the worst case scenario. And it is this that is done.

Worse not only for political and military reasons, since the abduction and murder of three young Israelis, and membership killers armed wing of Hamas, gave the initiative to Israel, led to the destruction depth the politico-military organization Hamas, and even demonstrated the difficulty of making peace with a government of national unity”” which barely formed proved unable to master the fighting instincts of his own and give the international community some goodwill gestures.

But, worse, and more , because every Jew feels reached its values ​​taken from the Torah continually discussed, being updated by the Sages of the Talmud, and to this day by countless exegeses, which have never said a law, and the refusal of tribal vendetta, justice that one has oneself.

Eight centuries before the Common Era, a Jewish farmer who had stolen his clothes not he write a letter to the authorities to claim his due? The ostracon is visible at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

So I understand the many Jewish friends who were keen to tell me their ‘ ‘terror” , ‘ ‘confusion” ‘ ”’ devastation … ‘ ‘ The earth opens monstrously under our feet ”, ‘ ‘My bleeding heart” , ‘ ‘I am disabled” ‘ ‘A nightmare that plunges me into depression’ ‘and so on …

But I am far from sharing this vision. Although the Jewish people can draw apparently honor and moral benefit, I do not think the Jewish propensity to enter any mischief to incriminate themselves collectively, and call the world to witness its irremediable breach, as in the past and with a sense of spectacle obvious scholar Yeshayahu Leibowitz as the writer AB Yehoshua today, a sign of good mental health.

Collective guilt that has the immediate effect of making an entire people responsible of wrongdoing punctual one, person or group of persons, reports of racism when it comes from the other, and manifest pathology when it emanates from the victim herself.

That may be the way of the Prophets and had a goal without doubt educational, and whatever the desire of some to take their places, we are no longer at that time. Now their role is played by the people themselves and by all authorities who claim religious, intellectual, moral, different moral, philosophical, etc …

What should rather be alarmed is that those authorities and the people themselves after 3500 years of history, theology, philosophy, law, and morality, Jewish who revolutionized if refounded in part all these disciplines, and never modeled core values ​​become the heritage of all humanity, which the moderns have called ‘ humanism” , but that preceded the Renaissance some twenty-four centuries, are themselves collectively the apostles of crime or their accomplices authors, silence and / or justification.

But establishing the chronology of violence which assail Israel for a month, that I can see is that if there is indeed something to worry about, it is the moral abyss that separates two peoples yet be mixed, is only a few kilometers away. Unbridgeable abyss before long.

The symmetry of the double tragedy that affected the Jewish people first, then Arabic, we make it easier. Compare and judge-in.


First the facts.

On June 12 last, three Israeli Jewish students Naftali Frenkel Gilad Shaer (both 16), and Eyal Yifrah (19), are kidnapped around 22:30 while they were hitchhiking from Gush Etsion.19 days later, their three bodies were found in the same region, shot dead at close range. The murder is not claimed but the police, two weeks later, identifying at least two of the suspects: Ammar Muhammad Abu Eisha (33) and Marwan al-Qawasmi (29 years). Both are Hebron, both affiliated with the military organization Hamas, both already arrested several times by the Palestinian and Israeli policies. Both families are involved in long armed action of Hamas. It seems that a third member of the armed wing of Hamas, Houssam Dofash is as accomplice, he disappeared from his home on June 12

1 st July, Mohammad Abu Khdeir a Palestinian 17 year old, was kidnapped by unknown assailants in the early morning, while it was also the hitchhiking. His body was soon found, burned. After only a few days, the six suspects were arrested. They are Jews and as I write, we know that.


The reaction of the political authorities.

Palestinian side . Mahmoud Abbas reacts quickly to condemn the kidnapping ….” The three boys are human beings like us, and must be returned to their families” . Curious justification. Why does he feel compelled to convince his people that the Jews are ‘ ‘as we, human beings’ ? Is it because he knows the habit by Muslims from the Qur’an and Hadith, identify Jews to pigs or monkeys, or all sorts of other animals reptilian?

When Khaled Meshaal, Hamas leader who came to join Abbas to form the Palestinian government of national unity”,” does he not welcomed, in an interview with Al-Jazeera, the kidnapping but the claim?

Neither Abbas nor his party, Fatah, not condemn such remarks which, however délégitimaient ipso facto the new covenant. More seriously Fatah called on all Arab citizens to destroy all images taken by surveillance cameras. 

And published on its website a cartoon caption admiringly, in red ink, ‘ ‘A master stroke”,
where we could see the end of a fishing rod struggle marked by three miserable mouse Jewish Star .

In Israel, Arab MKs, such Tibi and Zoabi, also justified the kidnapping, the latter refusing to taxing” terrorism”.

Israeli side. All the authorities of Israel and key ministers directly concerned, starting with Prime Minister Netanyahu B., and the entire political class, immediately condemned without appeal and without any justification, crime and criminals . The Prime Minister even overstepping its role by calling for the maximum sentence for the guilty. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the death penalty is not in use. Finally he called by phone the victim’s father to present the condolences of the Government and people of Israel.

Israeli families, they are still waiting for the call from Mr. Abbas.


The search for the killers.

Arab and Israeli killers were quickly identified by the Israeli security services. But if the latter were arrested diligently, always the first run, almost a month after . If they were killers” isolated” as rushed to say many Western journalists, and Israeli, how could they be on the run so long?

When we know that the Fatah party of Abbas, called not to cooperate in the search for assassins (destroy cameras), can we believe that the Palestinian police really shoulder the Israeli?

So what Hamas has launched into the adventure by choosing to bomb seamless southern Israel? ! The national unity government made no statement on this subject, it may not be charged, without exaggeration, of complicity with criminals?

We learn also that in the Hebron area, Hamas has fallen under the influence of the all-powerful clan Qawasmeh, one of two suspects Marwan al-Qawasmi belongs,. Approximately 10,000 individuals controlling trade and arms trafficking in the area, providing logistics and real mafia men to the armed wing of Hamas.


The reaction of the families concerned.

The three Israeli families have done everything they could to save their children, even going to Geneva to ask the Commission on Human Rights of the UN support which was not granted.

But never put pressure on the security authorities in their country or hold any derogatory about vis-à-vis the Arabs of Israel or Palestine, even after the discovery of the bodies of their children.

Instead, they were clear and without any ambiguity by stating that for them there was no difference between a Jewish boy and an Arab child:” The same blood flows in our veins at all. Murder is murder, nationality and age do not change. There is no justification, no forgiveness and no atonement for any murder “, said, for example, the mother of Naftali Frenkel.


The father of the Arab victim, he complained of the slowness of the investigation, ‘ ‘while the cameras were all filmed ” he says, and goes so far as to accuse of crime ‘ ‘the shin bet” (internal security agency).

He further states that he burned his son ‘ ‘as did the Nazis” . He probably had not seen this video that went around the world, where three gay Iraqi Muslims were tried, convicted, immediately doused with gasoline and thrown into the pit where the fire waiting to be purified, all this before the cameras. However, it recognizes that the Jews came to express their condolences to his family.

Jewish families still waiting for his victim solidarity and compassion.

As the mother of one of the killers Ammar Muhammad Abu Eisha it was also in its way, without ambiguity: “If my son took part in the kidnapping, I am proud of him and I hope he will continue to thwart the research, as the Israeli army of Palestinian police. “.


The burial

1 st July , 19 days after hoping the three Israeli families, 50,000 people from all over Israel have visited the cemetery in Modi’in. I was there and I described the funeral. [1] Virtually no flag. No shouting. No slogans. No hate drool at the corners of the lips. No flags burned opponent. Even fewer bursts of automatic weapons. An impressive meditation. Whispered prayers. Painful songs without crescendo. Late into the night around the graves of three young murdered.

Friday, 4 July , a few thousand people accompanied east Jerusalem the remains of the young Arab. Tide Palestinian flags. ”  Allah Akbar Or! “[2] shouted loudly And of course the inevitable slogan chanted by all the crowds of the Arab-Muslim world as a hymn to war:”  With our blood and our souls, we sacrifice for martyrdom ).

People’s reactions

As the hope of finding them alive three young Jews was maintained, the entire Jewish people in Israel and around the world , held his breath and suffered in silence. But when was announced the discovery of three bodies, despite the” leakage” from the Israeli authorities to cushion the final shock, suggesting that each day dwindled chance, it is true that part of the population very minority cracked. Shouting slogans and revenge against the Arabs.Western news agencies have not missed the event, needless to add.

But what these agencies are well kept saying, this is immediately the vast majority of the people, political and moral, and as the authorities already mentioned, even the families of the three students killed, were disconnected all such behavior, often with even the most hurtful words. What did write one of my friends, this: ” The reaction of the Jewish people to the announcement that the assassins of Arab children were Jews makes me even more proud to belong to this people.

Should also remember that the only place in the world where people went down heavily in the streets in 1982 to protest against the massacre of Sabra and Shatila, committed in retaliation, a Palestinian camp in Lebanon by Lebanese Phalangists it was Tel Aviv with 400,000 people (of a population at the time, with only 6 million Jews).The same day in Algiers, a million people also went out into the street, but it was to celebrate the victory of Algeria against Germany at the beginning of the World Cup soccer …

But this explosion of Jewish hatred on the web and on the street once, but once too often, does she not been facilitated by the behavior of the Arab people  ?

Has there not seen it rejoice loudly, ostensibly the abduction of three young Jews, and especially after the discovery of the bodies?

-Did we not seen innovation in communication by inventing as Dieudonné quenelle, a new sign of victory, not with two fingers in V, but with three fingers and trying to taunt and provoke Jewish people?

Sign up in the whole Muslim world, should I specify, and even taught to children two years!

Certainly, it was the victories you deserve

When political leaders and the Arab intellectual authorities whose role it is to tell the truth to the people, and create barriers should not be crossed, who raised his voice to condemn this provocation? Who called his more restraint?

In reality, it’s sad to see, people  ! Neither” or” Palestine in the Arab-Muslim world.

What would they not say the Jews in a symmetrical posture? Many of them now feel collectively responsible, even when they do not live in Israel, the crime committed against the young Arab. Them which political, religious and moral authorities immediately dam movement of hatred, calling instead to think, think, meditate, whether in the media or in the synagogues.

Demonstrating in practice that the Act appeared there more than 30 centuries, forbidding the individual to do justice, had irretrievably included, if I can use this image in the genetic heritage of Jews.


Compare the Jewish hatred Arab hatred is thus very instructive.

The announcement of the death of the three young Jews if it allowed some anti-Arab passions to express themselves, and unfortunately even gave the pretext to murder Young Arab did not lead way on this pogrom atmosphere that prevails today the Arab camp.

Difference that alone can explain the difference in moral values ​​of each people and behaviors of both political and legal authorities.

Indeed, since the announcement of the discovery of the body of young Arab and until this very moment I write, the Jews became, in the whole of Israel, targets sought thousands of young Arab rioters.

Women and children, without discrimination, motorists, motorcyclists, buses are attacked, stoned, lynched when Arab youth have the opportunity. Even UN vehicles have paid the price. Even the tram allows Arabs in the eastern part of Jerusalem to visit the western part, either to study or to work, or even to get medical treatment, such as Hadassah Ein Kerem located at extreme west of Jerusalem.

Even private spaces have been violated: we have entered a Yéschiva of the Old City of Jerusalem to address the students and their masters in theology.

We tried to burn the Tomb of Joseph in Nablus, included by UNESCO in the Palestinian” Heritage” (!). And it has attacked that of Rachel near Bethlehem.

As in France recently during the World Cup, as in the Arab world after a football match, won or lost, break, we burn, we attack passersby. Any non-Muslims, but when there are more such as Algeria, national, women and children are also the case.

And here in this moment, Israel, Jerusalem, as in some parts of Galilee, c is the Jew that is prefixed to lynch , exposing the bedrock of all anti-Jewish Palestinian national movements, past and present!

As in 1921 and 1929, Jerusalem, Hebron [3] and Jaffa, the call of the great Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin Al Husseini,who, moved to Berlin by Hitler during the Second World War, did not cease to call it not to forget the Jews of Palestine in the final solution.

What awaits the little niece of Palestinian Mufti and current ambassador to the European Parliament Leila Shahid to call his people to restrain his impulses Judeophobe? She was there a few months went to the Book Fair in Casablanca to praise the good relations between Jews and Muslims in the Arab world [4] … And while the Fair was denounced even by French left-wing newspapers, as Book Fairs of the most anti-Semitic Arab world. Yet after that of Algiers, the record was not so easy to beat.

What do the other leaders” moderate” and Palestinian intellectuals to condemn such actions organized by Hamas and Israeli antenna, a legal party , the Islamic Movement , both affiliated with the International Muslim Brotherhood?

What do they explain to their people, at least to maintain the good image of” Palestinians” as” victims”, at least vis-à-vis Europe that has no compassion for dead Jews, it is important not to draw swastikas on the walls as they appeared in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem and other cities, let alone take out the Nazi flags of old suitcases of their grandfathers, as has happened in the Arab village near Hebron, Beit Omar? [5]

Flag Beit Omar 

Photo Olivier Lunski.

As expected by the Israeli intellectuals who play” new” prophets, to challenge their Arab counterparts” Palestine” and ask them to exercise their moral authority, but also their Arab counterparts in Israel, Muslims and Christians I need regular.

Yes Christians because the identity of the murderer of the girl Afula Dadone Shelly , who was killed there a month 17 stab wounds, has been unveiled: it is an Arab Christian Israeli taxi driver Hussein Khalifa, and for ‘ ‘nationalist reasons” as they say now, almost identical to those of the Jews who killed the young Arab Jerusalem …

Faced with so irresponsible, why not emphasize the heroism dece young Arab Galilee Mohammed Zoabi , who sent through youtube beautiful message of love to his people, the people of Israel , saying his compassion for the young kidnapped , and was immediately threatened by the family clan is none other than the member of the Knesset,Hanin Zoabi, which itself has not condemned the murder of three young Israelis ….

The Jews, as I said in the introduction are probably sick of self-blame. Pathologie gravissime car loin of amoindrir the violence of potentiel agresseur, she the encourage. It is probably the result of 2000 years of persecution by the Christian and Muslim world. No opportunity to defend himself, because private state, the Jewish people had to cultivate a kind of Stockholm syndrome, when suspended at the whim of his executioner, it even ends if the estimate, at least understand” ‘ .

But the Arabs of Palestine, such as those living in Israel, even if they can not be assimilated to those collectively thousands of rioters that we just describe the behavior, also may be victims of perversion that violence generates in the social body, especially when it is not opposed by its own elites, especially when it is experienced passively, as is the case today.

The example of Algeria should reflect Muslim intellectuals of Palestine . [6] Ethnic violence generated by the FLN as a facies terrorism against the non-Muslim if she succeeded at first to flee out of the country a million non-Muslims, Christians and Jews, also was a kind of bomb that exploded in the 90s of last century, this time killing other Arabs and other Muslims.

That’s what my friend told me verbatim Smaïn childhood (when I was preparing the shooting of a film in Algeria in 2002, and while Islamist terrorism had just been strangled in major cities) when I asked him to tell me what he sawin Oran 5 July 1962 .

After a very long silence, he replied thus: ‘ ‘You know Jean-Pierre, when we old street we meet, we say that what we have experienced these past years is to pay July 5”.

July 5, 1962 in Oran, the day of celebration of independence, more than 700 people, Christians, Jews primarily, but also Muslims, were arrested, horribly murdered, lynched, scalped, raped, burned during a day , slaughter ended two days later [7] …

And I remember the Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals who do not know that there were 200,000 dead and wounded three times during the second war in Algeria from 1992 to 2002, called by the people, for this reason, ‘black decade” .

What justifies me to say that there is nothing more urgent for the elites of the Arab-Muslim world, that legitimize violence . ” Revolutionary” said violence has mainly contributed to violent, that is to say to people in arms, to seize all powers and to keep even after they had achieved independence. Until now, the Arab-Muslim world, the height of 57 independent nations, is managed by the military, directly or indirectly. And it is not about to change.

There ten years the most intelligent that Algeria has ever produced political leader, Mouloud Hamrouche, recognized the need to go back 40 years to find a cultural policy in the national movement. It might even say” 30 years”, and add that it was a positive impact of colonization. From this point of view, we can conclude that the so-called ” war of liberation” launched on 1 st November 1954 was a disaster for the Algerian society, destroying the first seeds of a democratic state and its elite culture. Which Algeria has not finished paying the bill.

Yet face to Jewish-Arab face, instead of being a source of destruction could be an intellectual and economic stimulus of the first order. But some minimum conditions that the Arab-Muslim world has a duty to collect.

He combats in its Judeophobe drives and get rid forever of any accumulated violence against Jews in the same depths of his unconscious that must look for the source in the sacred texts, beginning with the Koran.

He would have to go revisit its intellectual founding myths courage to write more in line with reality history, for example to stop making Nakba” equivalent” and” Shoah”.

He would therefore encourage initiatives such as that of Professor Mohammed Dajani who recently visited Auschwitz to his students, and do not resign from the Al Quds University on his return, for this very reason, as did his colleagues from which the President” moderate” Sari Nousseïbeh …

He would say and explain the Nazi past of a large part of its leaders. Nasser and many others do not they represented the Arab youth in Berlin in 1936? Amin El Husseini not he was from Berlin, the founder of a Muslim Nazi army? Nazi officers not they found refuge in the Middle East to form the” elite” intellectual and military?

Ben Bella, long before Ahmadinejad, did not he caressed the Arab-Muslim Nazi fantasy finish the work, including if necessary by the atomic bomb?


Jerusalem opposite the Mount of Olives

Should first and foremost that the Arab-Muslim world to recognize that Jews have a much older than” Palestinians” until 1964 that defined themselves as Muslim, Arab, Syrian historical inscription in the Middle Eastern landscape, Jordanian, and many of which themselves came from different countries of Arabia, Asia, and North Africa, and of course Egypt: the surnames of each other not betray- they not also the origin?

In short, and I have already written to solve the Palestinian issue should be that the Arab-Muslim world before his own rule ” Jewish question” .

And this, perhaps in conjunction with the question of its own identity , a question could not be more legitimate when all the (false)” nations” designed by the English and the French are collapsing for leave room sets with an ethnic and religious unity that may one day provide a framework of real nations find themselves their true identities are not” Arab”.

Europe and America will they play a positive role in helping both parties to overcome the era of conflict (what does not end up calling many Israeli intellectuals such Barnavi or Amos Oz)?

Yes, if they are aware of everything I just mentioned.

Yes, if they are able to help the most fragile part, the Arab-Muslim world, to rebuild on the basis of reality and truth.

But they are only capable? I doubt it!

I doubt when I see the majority of its media and intelligentsia, not be the objective arbiter , may thus be a moral authority for both parties, but an active agent of the media war mercilessly Israel took as a single global target?

And while the reality experienced by the peoples of 57 countries of the Arab-Muslim world is simply atrocious, for all religious, intellectual or sexual minorities, or black skin, but also for the majority, especially for youth and women ….

An Israeli Arab intellectual, Palestinian as it appears, Bassem Aid, a Palestinian leader Association of Human Rights not he described recently in a symposium on the culture of honor and shame, which was held in Jerusalem, the terrible reality of honor killing for Palestinian women, including Jordan, where femicide is the highest in the world? 

Yet in all cases, we are rather witnessing double impotence” the West” (Europe + USA) vis-à-vis’ ‘the Palestinian issue” vis-à-vis the Islamic totalitarianism which dominates the whole of the Arab-Muslim world, which has become in recent years, the main threat even within this” West”.

But the West, before this claim to help Jews and Arabs out of the violence, it should not stop promoting uncritical in its own universities, the doctrines of Frantz Fanon, who saw in the violence” revolutionary” cathartic dimensionwhich would release all their mental barriers colonized and women enslaved by tradition?

 And rather than idolize the Palestinian intellectual Edward Said Arab Christian who took his story Fanonian approach, explaining that the subjugation of Arabs came from colonization by the image that the West had built the East , should it not promote masterful critique of Egyptian philosopher Fouad Zakariya who spray saïdienne the theory in his book ‘ ‘The Arabs at the time of choice ” [8], demonstrating with common sense that the day when the Arabs will be able to produce knowledge about their own society, the logic of transmission of the West to the East is reversed.

The West should not he ask himself if he should not previously set its own ‘ Jewish Question”   and his own ‘ Islamic issue” ?

The Israeli people and Jewish elites who hold the upper hand in some institutions of written and audio-visual media, and universities, they should not ask how to get faster this pathology that have victimologists described very well for a long time and is to acknowledge the evil that is undergoing another posture that far from promoting the flattening of the conflict agrees with the aggressor reinforced by the own admission of the assaulted sore confession?

Watch the Arab-Muslim world as it is, Judeophobia, christophobe, négrophobe, corrupt, authoritarian, totalitarian, violent, bloody, and not as we would like it, do not weaken. Instead, this realistic vision will best support that we can provide its reformers and his Democrats.

In any case, what has happened in Israel is a treasure trove of information for those who are willing to study the behavior of people who have been fighting.

Thought more than moved to the four innocent victims Yeyal Yfrah, Gil’ad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Mohammad Abu Khdeir 

July 8, 2014,

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