Telling the Untold Tales

David B. Green 16.07.2008  As we wrapped up our interview, on the lawn behind the Jerusalem Cinematheque, I gave Jean-Pierre Lledo my business card, and he in turn wrote down his address in my notebook: His home is on the “Place du 19 Mars 1962,” in Montreuil, on the northern coast of France, near Calais. […]

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Toronto. Amiens. Fribourg. Montréal. Tribeca–New York. Tétouan. Beyrouth. Tarifa. Jérusalem. Cambridge. Vancouver. Frankfurt. Stockholm… Toronto Film Festival, September 2007 Film Description and Director Biography The stories are unspoken because to speak them is to risk censorship, banning or worse. In Algeria, recent history remains explosive. Simply to recall what happened during the country’s violent independence […]

About the Movie Algeria, Unspoken Stories

The first title Ne restent dans l’oued que ses galets In the riverbed only the pebbles remain Full-length documentary Director Jean-Pierre Lledo Resume 43 years after the mass exodus to France of the Jews and Pieds-noirs following the independence of Algeria in 1962 what remains of this cohabitation in the memory of Algerians of Berber-Arab-Muslim […]

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Questions asked by Gad Abittan Question 1: In January, your last film « Algeria, Untold Stories » was shown at the Cinematheque of Jerusalem, and for the second time this year. Yes, last January, I was in Israel for a part tourist trip with my daughter, and it occurred to me at the last minute to ask […]